WOTW: Earth Day chardonnay


The Climber Chardonnay /Michelle Locke


Ever try to take a bottle of wine on a hike? It’s pretty tricky. The bottle’s heavy, it clinks around and there’s a good chance _ if you’re clumsy like me a great chance _ you’re going to break it and get wine all over.

Of course, there are those backpack deals with the built-in wine sleeve and a straw, but, frankly, those always seem a little too desperate to me. I mean wine is nice and all, but it’s not like I need a constant delivery system. Or, to be candid, I don’t want to look like I need a constant delivery system.

Which brings me to the WOTW, the new Climber Pouch from Clif Family Winery. This wine comes in a 1.5 liter foil pack. It was released today, Earth Day, and is billed by the winery as All-Terrain Wine Transport. My wine was a sample, but with a retail of $16.99 (which comes to $8.50 per regular size bottle) this is in my budgetary sweet spot. It’s not surprising to find this winery embracing the great outdoors since its run by the people behind the CLIF BAR®.

So much for the buildup. The question is, How does it taste?

A pale straw color in the glass, this wine has a delightful smell, the usual citrus and apples but a lot of floral notes as well. Tart Granny Smith apple in the mouth, but with a sweet, mellow edge. A big juicy finish. Delicious. Definitely would go with picnic fare. I can see this with some cold fried chicken, an apple and some sharp, white cheddar.

Clif Family is also releasing a cabernet sauvignon in a pouch. Ruby colored, with, again, a nice floral aroma, the wine has a jammy, black fruit character and soft tannins. Good for the price, but it didn’t wow me like the chardonnay.

On a philanthropic note, Clif Family Winery is donating 1 percent of all Climber Pouch sales to Trees for the Future.

So you’re drinking for the planet here.




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  1. Tom Fuller
    April 22, 2011 at 11:52 am

    I’m going to show this to the peeps at the Napa Land Trust – woo hoo!

    Thanks, Michelle!

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