Down Under Cellars Chardonnay


Does expensive wine taste better?

It may if you can see the price tag. This study famously showed that when people were given the same wine at different prices they thought the higher-priced version tasted better.

Today’s wine, one of several produced by Bronco Wine Co., the home of Two Buck Chuck, might have had trouble with that crowd.

Down Under Cellars Chardonnay retails for $8.99; I got it as a sample. The wine is imp0rted from Australia and is bottled in lightweight glass, and you can really tell the difference when you heft it in your hand. It’s non-vintage, so it may contain juice from different years. It tastes light and fresh with a fruity dose of apples and pears, a bit more pear than apple. Alcohol level is 12.5 percent, quite modest by today’s standards.

I would recommend pairing this with cheese or any light dish, such as pasta in cream sauce or white fish.

Of course, this still leaves us with the price issue. I certainly have run into plenty of people who positively get the vapors (in a bad way) at the idea of wine for $10 or less. I’ll never forget attending a blind tasting of $50+ cabs where a mass-produced $12 wine was planted as a wild card that we were all supposed to despise. I liked it fine, I’m happy to say.

So what to do if you’ve got a wine snob coming over? My suggestion _ decant.