Happy New Year of the Dragon

SF Chinatown ready for the Year of the Dragon /Photo Michelle Locke

Gung hay fat choy, people. Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year, celebrated by a number of Asian cultures. And recently, since everybody likes a good party, I’ve noticed it’s been creeping into the mainstream.

I am all for this. The holiday usually falls at the end of January/beginning of February which is the time of year one can really use a bit of sparkle and cheer. I’ve always thought it was a mistake to lump Christmas and New Year’s into the same week and then have to wait until St. Patrick’s Day for the next blowout. (Valentine’s Day is stupid, friends, come on, you know I’m right.)

If you feel like getting in the spirit, you don’t have to do much more than put out a bowl of tangerines and oranges. They add a nice bright note and because their Chinese names sound like luck and fortune, they’re considered auspicious.

The same approach works for food; you eat long noodles, which indicate longevity, and dumplings because they’re shaped kind of like gold nuggets. Here’s a story I wrote that goes into the wine-with-homonyms approach in more detail.

What kind of year is coming up? Well, the dragon is the most powerful sign in the Chinese zodiac, a dramatic kind of fellow associated with new beginnings, which I guess is a good thing unless you weren’t in the mood for the requisite endings. The forecast is for a tumultuous year.

What wines pair well with that?

I’m thinking scotch.







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