The Great White House Wine Mystery: UPDATE

Bloomberg has a fascinating story about what appears to be a new White House policy of keeping the wine list for state dinners under wraps.

For instance, the menu for last year’s state dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel said only that “an American wine will be paired with each course.”

Blogger and wine educator Tyler Colman has also looked into this issue , coming up with the truly inspired headline of “Cork and Dagger.”

UPDATE: Here is the menu for tonight’s dinner with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Again, only “an American wine will be paired with each course.”

The food side is described in more detail, although to be honest it doesn’t look all that fab. There’s been an effort to marry British and American cuisine. So we have Bison Wellington, which sounds … kinda tough, and Meyer lemon steamed pudding.

Friends, I’ll be honest with you. I have eaten a fair amount of both British and American cuisine and if I’m trying to make a night of it, I think I’d rather go out for Italian.

You may recall there was a bit of a to-do in November 2008 over a dinner that was focused on the economic crisis.  Among the wines was Shafer “Hillside Select” 2003 cabernet, a noble bottle that was fetching up to $500 when the dinner was held. (Back then, the White House wouldn’t say what it paid but a spokeswoman for Laura Bush said it was less than list price.)

Meanwhile, there was also comment when a pricey cab was served last year at a dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Here is what the inimitable Stephen Colbert had to say about that: