White House Wines Unmasked

I know you’ve been dying to know what wines were served at the White House dinner for British Prime Minister David Cameron last night and now all is revealed. Wine blogger and educator Tyler Colman, who’s been all over this story,  reports that Cellartracker founder Eric Levine was at the dinner and wrote up tasting notes here.

They started with a Virginia sparkler, went on to a chardonnay from Sonoma County, a cab from Washington and finished up with an Iron Horse sparkler (Sonoma County again) with dessert.

The official menu listed only that American wines would be served, a new policy that follows earlier criticism of White House wine choices. Last year, the Obama administration took heat for pouring expensive wines at a dinner for Chinese leader Hu Jintao and in November 2008 the Bush administration also faced criticism after pouring a Shafer Hillside Select cabernet sauvignon that was fetching several hundred dollars on the market at the time. (We don’t know what the White House pays for its vino; one would hope they can get at least a Groupon discount.)

Bloomberg did a good story on this earlier this week.

This is shaping up to be a good year for Iron Horse. A special cuvee they created to celebrate the Year of the Dragon was used to toast Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping at a lunch in February hosted by Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Naturally, the winery will be going all out for 2014, the Year of the Horse.

The Vinecdote household is home to the Chinese zodiac signs of a dragon, a rat, a dog and an ox. Quite the menagerie.

You’re probably wondering what was on our menu last night. Well, I’ll tell you. Since winter has finally shown up in Northern California (50s, rainy, muddy) we had this:

The First Course, coincidentally also the second and last course, was Chef Michelle’s Costco Chili, made with pan-fried onions, lightly braised shaved American chuck (OK, ground beef but all the high-falutin’ menus these days are into the shaving so why not I?) tomatoes a la canned, tomato sauce a la jar, about 10 cups of chili powder because that stuff from Safeway is bland, bland, bland and BEANS FROM SCRATCH (yeah, bitches). It was accompanied by golden, crispy topped cornbread muffins that may have been made from scratch or, possibly, Marie Callender’s just-add-water mix.

Oh, give me a break, after all there were the BEANS FROM SCRATCH.

Cheers, transparently.

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    All is revealed on White House wines thanks to @cellartracker with h/t @drvino http://t.co/g2ivZjrM

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