A sweet ride: Motos Liberty 2009 Merlot


Sometimes you just want to drink the [freaking] merlot. And you don’t want to wrestle with a cork or empty out your wallet to do it.

For times such as these may I suggest Motos Liberty 2009 Merlot?

This is a relatively new label from Panther Rock Company, a division of Bronco Wines, which is known as the maker of Two Buck Chuck, aka Charles Shaw wines. Motos Liberty doesn’t come quite that cheap, with a suggested retail of $11.99 (although I’ve seen it advertised for way less, which is why I’m putting it in the under-$10 category).

But you get a lot of bang for your bucks.

The wines come screw-capped and with a cool label showing a dude on a motorcycle. I don’t know if it’s a famous image; there’s no info on the wine website, and I regret to say that my knowledge of motorcycles starts and ends with the fact that you twiddle the little handle bar thing (or as engineers would put it “the throttle”)  the opposite way to what you would intuit in order to make it go faster or slower. I learned this some years ago after taking my friend Laurie up on his offer to “go ahead, give it a try. It’s just like riding a bicycle.”

Luckily, we had good insurance.

But I digress.

While I have to assume this wine is marketed toward the male gender, both myself and Mr. Vinecdote were wowed, starting with the aroma which was rich and fruity. (Well, I cared about the aroma. Mr. V. is more about the sipping than the sniffing.) The wine, which I got as a sample, was very tasty with flavors of dark cherries and other berries, had just the right touch of oak and finished very smooth. Great with a burger but could hold its own next to a sizzling steak.

The wine is a blend, which may explain why I like it since I generally find blends beat single varieties, with 76 percent merlot (just enough to meet the legal minimum of 75 percent required to name it merlot) 5.5 percent syrah and the rest other red grapes.

We both wondered whether we’d accidentally opened an expensive wine (not that price=quality but there are some brands you know are going to be a little more carefully made) and were pleasantly surprised to check the sell sheet and see we were in the bargain zone.

If you see this, I would advise snapping up a bottle or two.

And if you find yourself careening through a neighborhood on a borrowed motorbike be aware that twisting the throttle toward you as hard as you can while heading for a garden wall will result in a stop. But not a good one.




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    Friday wine. A smooth ride with a cheap red. http://t.co/a6y6vbPL

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