Traveling with Twitter

Some  Twitter accounts generate more interest than others. You may have heard about @kanyewest‘s occasional stream-of-consciousness outbursts or followed @ruthbourdain‘s hilarious mash-ups of food writer @ruthreichl‘s poetic gastronomic musings.

But did you know that some landmark Twitter accounts are actual landmarks?

Take @GGBridge, the account of San Francisco’s famous orange span. GG mostly tweets traffic and weather reports _ “Sorry to repeat myself – but is it darn FOGGY out here!” It’s quite useful if you’re planning a visit and want to check out conditions.

Meanwhile, @SFBayBridge, tweeting the life span of the less glamorous but very important bridge connecting SF with Oakland is an unofficial account, which may explain why it’s more likely to open up emotionally. As in:  “I’m retaining a lot of water near my toll plaza and on my lower deck. I feel gross.” Meanwhile, an unusual April thunderstorm which delivered numerous lightning strikes on the big gray lunk resulted in a poignant “OW OW OW OW OWWWWW.”

The tweets are fun to check out when you’re fooling around  researching information on the Internet and, at least if you go to the official accounts, may give you a few travel tips.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a short list of notable places on Twitter:

@TowerBridge (Yes, the London one.)
@NiagaraFallsUSA (This feed is pretty lively; I was hoping to find some hockey taunting going on with @NiagaraFalls, the Canadian account, but it looks like these two are leading largely separate lives.)

And, finally, if you are a royal-watcher, there is @BritishMonarchy , chronicling the daily doings of the Windsors et al. The account follows just one other, @ClarenceHouse, home of princes William and Harry, which seems sweet.

But being royal does not make you the King of Twitter, it turns out.

@BritishMonarchy has about 308,000 followers; @kanyewest? 7.3 million.


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    Following the street tweets of @GGBridge, @SFBayBridge and other landmark Twitter accounts.

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