Flights of imagination

When you’re buckled in and waiting for takeoff, do you pull out the emergency instruction card and make a note of where the exits are? Check out your fellow passengers and see who’d be easiest to scramble over in a mad dash for safety? Contemplate whether you’d be willing to eat human flesh to survive if the plane crash-landed in remote mountains?

Huh, that would be just me, then.

Still, I trust you are at least paying attention to the safety videos played by the airlines that give you what could be life-saving information should anything go awry.

No, again?

Well, in that case, let me give you a rundown of what you may have been missing.


I never tire of watching this woman lead the Delta safety presentation. Those clear blue eyes, that frank, calm smile, I can listen to her talk about things like “loss of pressure” “water evacuation” without so much as a qualm.


Some people are a bit critical of no-frills Southwest Airlines, but not me. Gets you where you want to go as cheaply as possible. Plus, peanuts!


OK, not very sarcastic, but this video from Virgin America is mildly snarky at points and also addresses the whole floating cushion thing.


You all remember what a good time I had in New Zealand, right? Well, it started on the plane. Lovely service and a safety video that was a positive treat for the eyes.