Wine wisdom

I’d have to say it’s almost as much fun to watch other people learn as it is to watch other people work and we will get to do both soon with the world premiere

of “SOMM” a documentary about four people trying to earn the title of Master Sommelier, a grueling process.

SOMM will make its debut at the Napa Valley Film Festival this November.

Above is an updated trailer. Looks good. I hope there’s lots of swearing and crying.

And that’s not the only vicarious vine studies option. For a while now, I’ve been following the fortunes of British Master of Wine candidate Richard Hemming, a frequent YouTube contributor.

Here is the video he made to help remember grape varieties.


Despite all that effort, things haven’t always gone smoothly. The first time around he passed theory but failed the tasting part of the fiendishly difficult MW exam.

Here’s video of Richard reading, live, his results this time. If you’ve ever opened an email with beating heart, it’s going to strike a chord.

So, now he “just” has a dissertation to complete.

As for me, I’ll be here in my corner of the dining room, seeing if I can remember the six classic grapes of Bordeaux without having to ask Auntie Google.

Cheers, scholastically.

Garnacha, aka grenache, growing in Priorat, Spain /Photo Michelle Locke