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Big House, Big Value

June 16, 2011
Big House, Big Value

Due to my previous life as a crime reporter, I’ve probably spent more time with prison wardens than your average wine writer. At least as far as I know. So, it was a particular treat for me to meet with Georgetta Dane, the “warden,” i.e. winemaker, at Big House wines. The winery is so...
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Wine of the Week: 2010 Nobilo Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

March 25, 2011
Nobilo SB

This week’s wine is Nobilo 2020 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, which I got at Costco for around $10. This wine charms right out of the bottle with its pale straw color and simple, classic label. In the glass you get tropical fruit and grapefruit undercut with the grassy aroma that is a hallmark of New Zealand...
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Wine of the Week – Robert Mondavi Private Selection 2009 Chardonnay

January 21, 2011
mondavi ps

I’ve always enjoyed shopping at that fabulous French boutique, T’arjet. Everything from socks to soap to sockets in one fell swoop. But even I was surprised the other day to pop in for a few household staples and find myself confronted with a wine aisle. Aisle, mind you. Ladies and gentleman, I think this wine...
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Friday Find-Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo

January 14, 2011
Photo courtesy Concho y Toro

  A funny thing happened to my to-do list this week. “Finish laundry,” was No. 4 or 5 on Monday. And darned if it isn’t still there today. I cannot imagine how that happened. However, I’m happy to say, “Find a good wine for Friday,” was accomplished, and in very short order. The wine...
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Wine of the Week: 2008 Georges Meurgey Vouvray

December 17, 2010

  This Friday’s find is a 2008 Georges Meurgey Vouvray (Boisset). Price around $8 in Safeway. Check out the label. Unlike American bottles where the name of the producer is big and the region is tiny, the appellation gets star billing here. The French really are all about terroir, a sense of place. Vouvray...
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Wine of the Week: J. Lohr Riesling

December 10, 2010
Wine of the Week: J. Lohr Riesling

It’s a funny thing how a theme will suddenly start to crop up in your life. I’ve been asking people about wine trends this week and getting a lot of answers with the word “riesling” in them. And, then, in my grocery store’s wine aisle yesterday I heard a couple discussing what wine they...
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Travels in France

Languedoc dogs

Look out, winery dogs of Napa Valley. Yes, I know you’re cute and featured in all sorts of books and articles, but let me...
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Swept away by cassoulet

Ever get annoyed by people who go to the South of France and proceed to rave over the victuals? Well bite me, because today...
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Top 5 differences between hiking in Berkeley and the South of France

Somewhere between the vegetable gazpacho and the duck confit, I realized my hike in La Clape, part of the Languedoc wine region of France,...
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Party like a paparazzi at the Cannes Film Festival

Two things are vital if you want to chase stars at the Cannes Film Festival. First, you need to know a clued-in and friendly...
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Cannes without cash

Can you do Cannes without cash? Yes, you can! Due to a series of technical difficulties I found myself yesterday with not a sou,...
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Living the nice life, in Nice

Bonjour and greetings from the French Riviera. Vinecdote is on the road again, this time visiting Nice and the wine country of the Languedoc....
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