Make the green scene in Healdsburg

May 30, 2011
Make the green scene in Healdsburg

Set right on Healdsburg’s town plaza, the h2hotel was designed with the eco-conscious traveler in mind. The building is made from reclaimed wood and concrete and the design is intended to reflect nature from the undulating curves of the roof to the ripples of the creek that runs next to the hotel. Inside, the...
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Travels in France

Languedoc dogs

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Somewhere between the vegetable gazpacho and the duck confit, I realized my hike in La Clape, part of the Languedoc wine region of France,...
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Party like a paparazzi at the Cannes Film Festival

Two things are vital if you want to chase stars at the Cannes Film Festival. First, you need to know a clued-in and friendly...
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Cannes without cash

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Living the nice life, in Nice

Bonjour and greetings from the French Riviera. Vinecdote is on the road again, this time visiting Nice and the wine country of the Languedoc....
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