Cannes Film Festival

Riviera Reverie

Here’s the slideshow you didn’t know you were craving from my recent trip to the South of France which involved the usual hijinks and

Party like a paparazzi at the Cannes Film Festival

Two things are vital if you want to chase stars at the Cannes Film Festival. First, you need to know a clued-in and friendly paparazzi. Second, wear flats. This is how I came to be pounding along the narrow streets of the Cannes waterfront in the wee hours of a Riviera morning, following a photographer,…

Cannes without cash

Can you do Cannes without cash? Yes, you can! Due to a series of technical difficulties I found myself yesterday with not a sou, but thanks to friends and credit cards, I was soon taking the train from Nice to Cannes. Here I learned something. If you want directions to the fabulous waterfront Hotel Majestic,…