A Toast to Gay Marriage


Looking for just the right wine to toast the recent court victories bolstering gay marriage? Here’s a story I wrote earlier this month about some wineries that have come out in support of gay marriage by putting that message right on the bottle — and backing it up with donations from sales of the wine.…

Vintage Downton Abbey


OK, now here’s a celebrity wine I may not be able to resist. Wines that Rock, a company that makes wine under the names of rock groups including the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, is coming out with blends inspired by the ultra-fabulous Downton Abbey TV series. According to a story in The Drinks Business, the…

Friday Follies: James Mason for Thunderbird


The last vintage wine ad we brought you was Orson Welles getting very enthusiastic about the Paul Masson wine he was advertising. Today’s offering is completely different, James Mason advertising Thunderbird wine.

Hollywood and vines

  It is a truth universally acknowledged that a celebrity in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wine, as Jane Austen might have put it had Jane been a wine writer in 2012. Or at least it seemed that way as multiple stars jumped into the wine biz. The singer…

Vine Videos


Paso Wine Man burst on to the scene in 2011 with “Zinfandel: Paso’s Wine,” a video that had great production values and something even more unusual,

Two buck fifty Chuck

Attention bargain (wine) shoppers. Two Buck Chuck, the wine famous for costing $1.99 a bottle (in California at least) is now 2.5 Chuck. Yes, Charles Shaw wines, sold only at Trader Joe’s grocery stores, saw a price increase this month, going up to $2.49 a bottle after a decade under the two-dollar line. That’s still…

Best & Worst of 2012, Part 1: Worst

Some days, as my old city editor used to say, you get the bear; some days the bear gets you. That was in Northwest Texas so it was more coyote than bear, but we understood each other. (Note: kai-yoat, please check your fancy pants pronunciation at the door.) In that spirit, here are the five…

Mad for Madeira

Now that we’ve settled Election 2012 — the Florida vote is in, right? — this seems as good a time as any to talk about Madeira, a wine with a political past.

You may be aware that Madeira, which comes from the island of that name off the coast of Portugal, was a favorite of Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson and company. (And my guess is Founding Mothers were willing to lift a glass or two as well.) But did you know