Bubbly in a hurry

Perhaps you’ve heard of sabering champagne, which is where you take a sharp object, a saber if you have one handy, and tap smartly on the ridge of glass around the neck of the bottle. Hit it right and it will pop off.

Most likely, though, you haven’t considered trying to do this with your iPad,

A taste of Champagne

The setting: An elegant reception room at the Westin St. Francis 32 stories above Union Square with a panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay, Telegraph Hill and the Golden Gate Bridge. The agenda: Tasting  bubblies from some of the great houses of the Champagne region of France. The task: Coming back with some sparkling…

Thin is in

  The wine industry is lightening up _ at least when it comes to packaging. A few wineries have already started using lightweight glass for their bottles _ Fetzer Vineyards in California was a pioneer here _ cutting carbon emissions and saving shipping costs.This is a 180 from the old-school concept of putting wines, especially…