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Shafer Vineyards

May 14, 2010
Shafer Vineyards

I first visited Shafer Vineyards in 2002. Back then, I knew even less about wine than I do now. For one thing I wore a floaty skirt and slides. Just the thing for walking through the vineyards. For another, as I recall, I merely smiled vaguely when offered a glass of Hillside Select. OK,...
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Do’s and don’ts of wine tasting

March 11, 2010
empty glasses

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t need a guide to wine tasting. Raise glass to mouth, sniff, sip, repeat, right? Wrong. There are so, so many ways to embarrass yourself at a tasting, many of which I have done. Herewith some lessons learned the hard way: Start fresh: Don’t taste just after a...
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Travels in France

Lovely Languedoc

  I don’t think six weeks is a long time to take to put together a slideshow on my visit to the Languedoc, do...
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Carcassonne: A Fairy Tale City

The ancient walled city of Carcasonne had me before hello. Just driving up to the fantastically fairy-tale expanse of walls, turrets and towers was...
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Languedoc dogs

Look out, winery dogs of Napa Valley. Yes, I know you’re cute and featured in all sorts of books and articles, but let me...
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Swept away by cassoulet

Ever get annoyed by people who go to the South of France and proceed to rave over the victuals? Well bite me, because today...
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Top 5 differences between hiking in Berkeley and the South of France

Somewhere between the vegetable gazpacho and the duck confit, I realized my hike in La Clape, part of the Languedoc wine region of France,...
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Party like a paparazzi at the Cannes Film Festival

Two things are vital if you want to chase stars at the Cannes Film Festival. First, you need to know a clued-in and friendly...
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